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Andy Parker, iPhone SE

st marks square in venice

Image: Andy Parker

‘Taken in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, I used the phone upside down on the ground to get a strong sense of depth and include both foreground and background features. Framing the bell tower though the arch, I waited for people to walk past to create the silhouettes of the figures. It was a bit experimental, but when reviewing the shots, I really liked the resulting shapes of the coat and legs, the angles on the tower, the round light and the archway, but also the abstract reflection on the worn marble, which all give the image lots of interesting visual elements.

Although a big fan of the mirrorless camera (Fujifilm X-series) the iPhone is now my everyday, carry-around camera, given the incredible image quality, and I currently use the iPhone SE (2022). I shoot using the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app as that allows me to capture in RAW and edit in phone using my own black and white presets. A huge fan of monochrome, I shoot almost exclusively in black and white and Venice, for me, is the perfect subject for shooting monochrome given the interplay of light, shadow and reflection. I showcase this with a website and Instagram account dedicated exclusively for my shots around the city.

Originally from the UK, I live and work in Venice as an English teacher, and photography remains a passion rather than career, but it is becoming more and more important in my life.  In fact, I have my first solo exhibition in Venice of over 30 images coming up from 10-23rd February focussing on the beauty and mystery of the venetian fog (or ‘caigo’ in local dialect). So if you’re in Venice for the end of carnival, please pop along!  This exhibition will also include a few shots taken on iPhone, so it just goes to prove that old adage: ‘the best camera is the one you have on you’!’

Website: www.monochromevenice.com

Instagram: @monochrome.venice @andyparker.photo

James Ward, iPhone 13 Pro

Gellért Baths in Budapest Art Nouveau architecture

‘The image was taken on my iPhone 13 Pro at Gellért Baths in Budapest on a recent trip there with my wife. It is a fabulous place to visit when in Budapest because of its Art Nouveau architecture and is one of the most historic and famous of Budapest’s thermal baths. I loved the symmetry of the indoor pool, the soft light streaming in through the glass roof and the beautiful blue hue of the waters. Taking a dip in the warm water wasn’t bad either…’

Instagram: @ward_jr

Roberta Savi, iPhone 13

iPhone 13 in Bardolino, at the lakeside promenade of Garda Lake. Best smartphone photos

‘I live in Mantova, Italy and this was taken with an iPhone 13 in Bardolino, at the lakeside promenade of Garda Lake, last summer, during a sunny day. I usually take analog photos with Nikon FM2 but sometimes I use the phone.’

Instagram: @ro.flug

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