After 10 rounds throughout the year, the final Amateur Photographer of the Year 2023 winners have been revealed today! Daniel Sands from the UK takes home the overall Amateur Photographer of the Year title, with Yousef Naser winning Young Amateur Photographer of the Year for the second year in a row. The standard of this year’s entries have been incredible, and the competition itself being very exciting having been tightly fought throughout.

The 2024 competition details are to be announced, but in the meantime take a look at the top 10 images from each round of the 2023 competition here and the full APOY 2023 leaderboards. Meet our winners below:

Amateur Photographer of the Year 2023

Daniel Sands, Dorset

night funfair scene long exposure of merry go round Amateur Photographer of the Year 2023 winners

Daniel’s image from Round 9, Action, was awarded fourth place

At the end of Round 9, Daniel was in equal tenth place. By winning the final round of this year’s APOY, he leapfrogged everyone else to take first place overall. In addition, he came tenth in Round 2, Travel, and fourth in Round 9, Action. He was shortlisted in five further rounds, displaying the kind of consistency that reaps rewards. AP editor Nigel Atherton says: ‘To win the overall title of Amateur Photographer of the Year you need to be good across a broad range of genres, not just one. Daniel’s entries have all been technically and creatively excellent.’

Young Amateur Photographer of the Year 2023

Yousef Naser, Cairo

street portrait of a man looking at dust being kicked up by the horses’ hooves Amateur Photographer of the Year 2023 winners

Yousef won Round 7, Street, with this atmospheric shot

Last year’s winner of Young APOY has done it again. And he was back even more strongly. In 2022 he didn’t win any category overall, but this year he won two (Travel and Street), and was placed in the top ten in a further four rounds. Nigel Atherton says: ‘Yousef is clearly a very talented young photographer. Some of his entries would easily made the top ten in the adult contest and perhaps even won.’

Camera Club award winner

Launceston Camera Club, Cornwall

APOY 2023 Portraits Winner woman lying across a fireplace

Mark Letheren of Launceston Camera Club won Round 5, Portraits, with this unusual and memorable scene

We’ve now been running our camera club competition for three years – and for the third time, the runaway winner is Launceston Camera Club. With an astonishing 905 points accumulated by no fewer than 27 members, this club knows how to galvanise its regulars to enter the competition and win points. They came an impressive 475 points ahead of their nearest competitors, second placed Plymouth Camera Club. Can they be beaten next year? May that be a challenge to other camera clubs across the country! Nigel Atherton says: ‘Scoring a hat-trick of wins is an amazing achievement by Launceston. Is there a club out there that will take on the challenge of stopping them from making it four next year?’

See more work by our winners here.

Featured image: Daniel Sands. Daniel came 10th in the Travel round

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